This is a new challenge which has now affected all of our lives. According to instruction from our government, we will not be having school the currently recommended 4 weeks. There will be NO normal school sessions at this time. More information below.


Mr. Breuer and the staff met this morning to begin formulating a plan as to how to move forward. We do not know yet if the state will be changing the requirements for school hours this year. Many of our educational plans will depend on these state decisions.

The School Board will also be meeting briefly tonight on these matters.


Meanwhile, the teaching staff has started putting together packets for each student with limited coursework intended to be completed on a weekly basis. We hope to have the first week's packets ready this Wednesday or Thursday. We are currently making plans as to how to get this information back and forth between the families and school.

The coursework is designed to try keep the students in the learning mode, maintain what they have been learning so far this year, as well as possibly making some progress in some subjects. We are hoping to also keep it minimal enough as to NOT over-extend the parents during this time.

List of Event Changes:

School - Currently no school planned through April 13

8th Grade Graduation Planning Meeting - Cancelled

Choir - Cancelled

Education Committee Meeting - Pending

Conferences, March 25 and 26 - changed to phone meetings. Details to follow.

Frozen Food - pending drive-by pickup style arrangements

Sing-along, March 27 - Cancelled

Sophomore Parent Supper, April 2 - Postponed

CSI Site Visit - Postponed to the fall

Annual School Supper, April 6 - Cancelled

These changes are being made in keeping with our 5th commandment duty to our government and loving our neighbor as ourselves, to try to protect those among us who cannot endure such an illness. May we find hidden blessings amid all the challenges.

May the Lord bless and keep.


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