Reading Month .... and Snowmen in PE!

Reading month was held in December this year - and what fun was had!

The theme this year was Adventure Awaits! Students gathered piles of "rocks", colored cut-out papers taped on the wall by their classroom, to track numbers of pages read. For the final event, there were a variety of activities. Teacher set up their classrooms with a scavenger hunt. The students collected a “treasure” for their treasure bag before exiting each classroom. They also enjoyed afternoon snack of Bear Paw Woods S’More Mix!

Our teachers had set up Bear Paw Woods for grades K-3! It was an obstacle course of fallen logs, a cabin, mountain tunnel, tangled vine canyon, stepping stones, and a duck pond with mazes.

We too often fail to have a camera handy for these cute events, but here's a few pictures of what they enjoyed...

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And in PE, Mrs. Van Beek played a game in grades K-4 called "Do you want to build a snowman?". They had teams where they had to take turns running to get a piece of PE equipment that could be used to form a snowman! The students really enjoyed it...and unwittingly got some good sprinting time in. :)

Then they each wanted to have a picture...

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