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An unnatural scene after the order closing all of the playgrounds in the state.

School Work:

No delivery this week. Next pick up and delivery is planned for April 15!

  • School closure is extended to April 30.

  • The current batch of homework was arranged to be completed tomorrow, April 9. Se previous post.

  • Friday and Monday are considered "days off" (a.k.a. Parental Rejuvination Events)

  • There will likely be some work communicated via alternate methods for Tuesday/Wednesday of next week.

Teachers are looking for ways to better communicate with our students! We do not want the load to be on your shoulders -- ideas are being considered, but your input is very welcome!!


Senior Graduation is rescheduled for Wednesday, June 10.

  • Everything is uncertain, but we have to consider the possibility of gathering sizes of even the immediate senior class not being allowed yet by May 13, the date of the originally scheduled event. We want the class to be able to be together during this occasion.

  • We hope that rescheduling at this point will give more people more time to plan accordingly!

  • Event details will be set closer to date. If gathering sizes are still restricted on June 10, we will look at alternative methods of hosting the graduation, such as a parking lot event, etc.

Kindergarten / 8th Grade Graduation is pending May guidelines.

  • If we are Not able to resume school in May, the event itself will be cancelled. We have been processing ideas, such as individual recordings of each kindergartener saying their memory verse, etc, and compiling a video, but nothing definite has been determined at this point.

  • If we Are able to resume school in May, the event details will be dependent on gathering guidelines and the limitations the teachers will be facing in preparation time for the students.

Tuition questions:

We understand that we are not feeling the true health impact of the virus in our area - yet. We may consider ourselves truly blessed if this continues. There may be those, however, who are feeling the financial impact. School leadership is aware of this situation and is taking steps that may give a measure of financial relief for the school - and ultimately our parents. The school expenses continue meanwhile, and we will not be able to figure the true extent of "savings" until mid to late summer.

"School" Pictures:

As we go forward DV, this is a time to remember. "Who will say unto him, What doest thou?" Job 9:12. May there be moments in all of our days where we stand in awe of the present reminder of the Lord who stands above all things - and may we all also talk with our children about the hand of the Lord being so visible. To what end?

This might be a time our children also someday tell Their children about. A personal journal from both parent and student could become an excellent reminder of this time! Also, pictures. Those cameras are so available on our cellphones -- use them to remember the unusual household situations this time.

Also for the school yearbook, we are interested in specifically your homeschooling pictures. If you have any you could share, please send them to

Resources in addition to the school work:

As Mrs. Hoefakker continues to find appropriate resources that could be helpful in keeping an educational mindset with our students, we will continue to add them to the earlier blogpost. Any additional links are generally posted on Wednesday or Thursday on the blog post entitled Preparations and Resources! The title will indicate the last time it has been updated.

Other Events:

Ladies Auxiliary Meeting April 14 - cancelled. Decisions are being made as to how to handle pending business.

Grandparents Day, April 15 - cancelled

Spring Concert, April 22 - cancelled


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