Hungry for lunch?? It will have to wait...

Due to the closure of school, construction crews were able to get an early start on the kitchen remodel that was approved last December. We are now 3 weeks into construction and there has already been a lot of changes!

Note: the above set is a slide show, click the arrows to scroll through.

Step 1 was emptying out the kitchen, the storage, cupboards, walk-in cooler and freezer and finding a place to store everything. A majority of it is in the mini-gym covered with blankets now. Most of the equipment will be reused in the new kitchen. .

The drawing the kitchen is being reshaped to.

Step 2 was demolition. Unnecessary walls, the decaying walk-in freezer, original walk-in cooler, equipment, cement, you name it - Mike's crew made short work of whatever needed to go. Some of the unnecessary holes have already been blocked in.

(Interesting side note: while walking through the job site, we observed at least 5 graduates of our school from 2 different contractors working on the project.)

Anyone wanting to visit the old locker rooms will now quite literally hit a brick wall.

The above pics are also in the big gym: The double doors to the small maintenance closet (located between the steps to the mezzanine and the door to the kitchen) are now closed in. A small cleaning closet will still be in that area there, but it will be accessible from the kitchen side.

The reason (or one of them!) that you don't want lunch here right now.

This is a panorama of the current state of the kitchen taken from the vicinity of where the 3 wash sinks were. On the left is the serving window to the big gym, and on the right is the serving window to the mini gym. Down the center is the load bearing wall that, to some extent, will always be a part of this kitchen. It was the exterior wall on the east side of the original school building 40 years ago. It became an interior wall with the 1994 addition that added the mini-gym, library and some classrooms.

Above is the kitchen wall in the mini-gym. The first picture shows the serving line window that has been made wider and it will also now be open all the way to the floor. (The new serving stations are on wheels.) The second picture shows the double doors blocked in that previously opened to the laundry/maintenance room (where the Ladies Aid storage was). The opening next to it is the entrance to the new area which will be used for Ladies Aid catering storage for the foreseeable future.

The next set up of pictures is taken from the open doorway above...

Above is the view from the doors exiting the north end of the mini gym.There was a glass vestibule there which has been removed. Looking to the left is a temporary wall put up in the school hallway to protect the interior, and to the right is the entrance to the library. The new locker rooms, maintenance room, and a new double-door exit will be built straight out along the wall here (adjacent the home ec room).

Above are pictures of the same area as the previous set except this is taken from the corner of the bus barn parking lot.

And this is a small example of the construction dust that is filtering throughout the school! :)

It is almost a jarring thing to see these changes take place, when we wonder when "normal" will ever return. Through the hands of many the Lord has thus far provided. May He help and protect each of you going forward into this unusual summer season!


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