Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the current events schedule?

A. School related:

Education Committee Meeting- Postponed

Conferences, March 25 and 26 - changed to phone meetings. Teachers will call elementary contacts at the appointed time. Please call or e-mail the secondary staff using the contact on the work assignments.

Sophomore Parent Supper, April 2 - Postponed

CSI Accreditation Site Visit - Postponed to the fall

Fundraiser / other:

Frozen Food - pending drive-by pickup style arrangements

Sing-along, March 27 - Cancelled

Annual School Supper, April 6 - Cancelled

Church information:

Rock Valley Church Sunday - More information to follow

Sioux Center Holy War Book Study, March 19 - cancelled

Sioux Center Church Sunday - Cancelled. Services available via normal church call-in procedures.

Q. Is there local medical guidance?

A. See the linked information from Hegg Health Center.

Q. Will we have to make up these school hours?

A. No. Governor Reynolds and the legislature have decided that any school days missed between March 16 and April 12 will not need to be made up.

Q. What is the delivery schedule for at-home work?

A. Our first delivery will be noon-early afternoon today, Wednesday, March 18. Drivers will deliver to your homes. We plan to do this on a weekly basis on Wednesdays.

Q. How will we get the work back to the teachers?

A. The current plan is that each Wednesday the bus routes will be run to both drop off the next week's work AND pick up the completed work. Please have each elementary child's work in a folder or bag labelled with their teacher's name. Please note: this is subject to change as we adjust to new information.

Q. How can we tackle this homework? And what if we have questions?

A. Take one days' work at a time. Schedule "school" times for your children to work, and include breaks. And PLEASE contact the teacher with any questions or struggles! The students are on their hearts and minds and they will be glad to hear from you. Their contact information is included in what was sent home.

Q. When will school resume?

A. We are tentatively planning to resume Tuesday, April 14. However, everything is subject to change. It is possible we could resume earlier, and it is also possible we will not be able to resume yet at that time.

Q. Are there established teacher and office hours?

A. Teachers will be available during their normal contract hours. This means a full time teacher is "open" to be called or emailed at the contact information given from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They will respond as available outside those times also or will get back to you as soon as they can. The office will not have regularly scheduled hours at this time, though there will often be someone there. If you need assistance and no one is there to answer, please call Mr. Breuer at (605) 261-5754.

Q. May I give my child a detention?

A. We recommend instead that you persuade them with enlightening tasks such as scrubbing the burnt chicken nugget crumbs off of the previously non-stick pan, cleaning out the dirt on the edges of the garage floor with a toothbrush, or picking the pebbles that accumulated over the winter off of the lawn.

There may be special times to savor here, and there may be times you wish for the school bus to put your child on...along with a sleeping bag and pillow. Either way, we look forward to seeing them in our hallways and classrooms again soon!

Together we have to remember to smile. Also remember in love the burden the unprecedented decisions during this time put on the shoulders of all who must make them. Continue to lay the needs of all of our families, our congregations, our leaders, the nation and the world at large before the Lord who directs all things.

May He be merciful and gracious to us.


Below are some pictures of getting those homework bags from our door to yours. Seeing the staff work together in this seemingly impossible task was so heartwarming!!


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