Avera F.A.C.E (Faith And Community Engage) Masks

Got sewing or cutting skills?? A request from Avera....

Following is the recommend pattern for the cloth mask that Avera will be using. We appreciate anyone's willingness to help out as we plan for the worst and hope for the best!

1) Mask Material and Pattern

  • Olson Mask pattern (choice for fabric is 100% cotton. Second choice is quilting cotton). CLICK HERE

  • When printing off the pattern, print the pattern pages 4, 5, 6, & 7 at 90% for medium and 100% for large.  If you print it the regular size the mask will end up being small.  If you did make some the smaller size, don't throw them away, we can use them for pediatric patients.  We would like most people making size medium and large masks.

  • ACTION Requested: If you are coordinating efforts with other contacts, please forward this information to them as well.

2) Tip Sheets for Sewing Instructions

  • Document with additional sewing instructions. CLICK HERE

More information will follow in the coming days regarding how to coordinate delivery/pickup for these masks.  If you need materials supplied to you, please let us know.

Contact for Rock Valley: Sandra Post kspost7@gmail.com

  • If you are looking for supplies, Sandra Post has bags of fabric and hair ties/elastic in her garage.  Feel free to stop by and pick up whatever you need or if you would prefer we deliver to you, email her. 

  • We do have some people cutting fabric but are not sewers, please let Sandra know if you would like to sew as she can get you in touch with people we are cutting

  • Sandra's garage (2847 Elmwood Ave, Rock Valley, IA) be a drop off point for people and they will get them to Avera, Sioux Falls.

Contact for Sioux Center:

Ali Breuer at acbreuer@hotmail.com or Cheryl Schelling at sevenup@mtcnet.net

Again, we appreciate your willingness to help out to protect our patients and healthcare workers!

We came up with the project name of F.A.C.E (Faith And Community Engage): Masks. We are asking for everyone to keep the faith and show our sense of community as we have been called to action on this urgent need.

Thanks again! If you have any questions, please reach out!


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